29.03.2022 Finance Luxembourg Tech

Russia-Ukraine peace negotiations: next round occuring in Istanbul

On Sunday, the Turkish presidency published a release which announced that both Ukrainian and Russian delegations are to meet in Istanbul to lead new negotiations. The discussions started yesterday, March 28th, and are planned to end on March 30th.  

It is not the first time that Turkey accepts to host negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. Earlier this month, on March 10th, Foreign Ministers of both countries were conveyed in Antalya, Turkey. Although the discussions did not lead to solutions, it was still considered as a step forward to a crisis outcome.

Ankara holds valuable connections with both nations and continues to offer peace talks between them. The discussion subjects for the next session are not disclosed yet; however, the Turkish delegation counts on the opportunity that both parties could agree on a cease-fire, as well as a lasting peace.

Vladimir Medinski, part of the Russian delegation, deplores that discussions were inconclusive on essential points so far. He specified that the Kremlin would agree on signing a treaty that enumerates the President’s expectations on Ukraine’s demilitarization, neutrality and “denazification”. Another requirement would be the Russian over Crimea and Donbass.

On the other hand, Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, recorded a video to be broadcasted for a TV show that organized a fundraising for Ukraine. He demands a cease-fire as well as the withdrawal of Russian troops.

As the conflict persists, the peace talks become increasingly decisive.