Snoop Dogg: next person in line to take over Musk?

snoop dogg to take over elon musk twitter

Should I stay or should I go? is basically the question that Elon Musk asked the Twitter sphere on Sunday through a poll, stating that he will abide by the results of the latter. 

Since he took the lead of Twitter, Musk had the habit of taking major decisions regarding the platform (or his other companies) through direct tweets or polls: it seems that he proceeded the same way with the future of his own position.

The tension has indeed been on since last Sunday, as Musk openly asked whether he should step down from Twitter. As the poll closed on Monday, the results were clear: 57,5% voted him out. 

This was followed by a storm of all sorts of reactions, notably with users mentioning that Musk has calculated this coup and has already thought of a successor. Twitter CEO soon denied it, stating that: “no one wants the job who can actually keep Twitter alive.

Besides, some other users demonstrated their interest in taking over Elon Musk to run the platform. Lex Fridman’s tweet stood out as he received a response from Twitter CEO, reminding the struggle it has been and is to be at the head of such a company: “you have to invest your life savings in Twitter and it has been in the fast lane to bankruptcy since May. Still want the job?”. 

In a tweet published yesterday, Musk mentioned that he “will resign as soon as [he finds] someone foolish enough to take the job!” and, once done, he is to “run the software and servers teams“.

If Musk is to be believed, there seems to be no official successor (as of yet) to take over if he leaves behind his Twitter CEO position. Considering that Twitter has been – and is still – going through difficult times – notably financially speaking. It might hence be long before finding a new CEO willing to manage the platform. 

Nevertheless, on his side, Snoop Dogg appears to be interested in the potentially up-to-be-freed position. Not long after Musk, he shared a poll asking “should I run Twitter?”, which harvested around 3,4M votes. The final results reveal that 81% of users voted yes. 

It is to note that Snoop Dogg was an early Reddit investor – among other tech investors – who participated in securing a $50-million funding. So, is he now to become a platform owner?