19.07.2022 IT Farvest Decrypt Luxembourg

Startups.lu to stand for national entrepreneurs

Patrick Kersten announced it during ICT Spring, and it is now official since Monday: Startups.lu, the Luxembourg Startups Association, has launched! Vesperia Chief Executive Officer Patrick Kersten will serve as the President of this new national association. What is their project about?

The association Startups.lu has officially launched on Monday 18! For the occasion, the Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot was also present. The idea of the event was to introduce the association’s missions, as well as the team leading the way to empower this new organization. It was also a privileged moment to present their vision, as well as their program for the upcoming year.

The Luxembourg Startups Association defines itself as “the largest, independent collective of startups, scaleups and digital entrepreneurs in Luxembourg”. As the startup community keeps growing in the country, it was thus essential to establish such an association to represent the national entrepreneurs. It is meant to represent the most recent and smallest startups, as well as the ones which established themselves on the market.

As a start – and to become as representative as possible – the association is willing to represent between 25 and 30% of the existing market, so 150 to 200 members. In order to finance the Startups.lu’s projects, there is going to be a variable fee depending on the startup size. And Kersten also plans on developing partnerships with key members of the ecosystem. Also, as Kersten explained in a recent interview, the association has the first objective to introduce a ready-to-use toolkit for startups to use and apply rapidly.

Credits: Dominique Gaul