03.10.2022 IT HR & Management IT Tech

Tang Yu, a milestone for NetDragon towards a "Metaverse organization"

Chinese video game company NetDragon Websoft Holdings, leader in building internet communities, recently announced the appointment of Ms. Tang Yu as company’s CEO. Everything is just fine until you find out that the latter is actually an AI-powered virtual humanoid robot.

Although this announcement sounds like a sci-fi movie, yet NetDragon Websoft Holdings transformed it into reality. The company chose indeed to bet on a humanoid robot to commend and guide its business decisions, as a “rotating CEO of its flagship subsidiary ‘Fujian NetDragon Websoft Co. Ltd’”. Ms. Tang Yu is hence to serve as a real-time data hub and analytical tool so as to support daily decision-making operations.

In other words, Netdragon Websoft will rely on their AI-powered virtual humanoid robot to “streamline process flow, enhance quality of work tasks, and improve speed of execution”. This means that Yu Tang will have a forefront position, as it is expected to embrace a significant role. NetDragon Chairman Dr. Deijan Liu, “We believe AI is the future of corporate management, and our appointment of Ms. Tang Yu represents our commitment to […] drive our future strategic growth”.

This makes clear that technology is evolving at fast-pace, since it now goes beyond helping human beings in their daily tasks. It appears that we are bound to get used to cooperating with AI-powered technologies. Only the future will tell whether this cooperation is fruitful and successful.