Farvest Finance - Newsletter - October 25, 2022 | web version
FundTech, a journey to value  
Discover our interview with Fundvis Co-Founders Tobias Degünther and Leonhard Kossmann on FundTech – the perfect opportunity to (finally) get a grip on this new concept.  

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LuxSE partners with BFF Bank to introduce new post-trade model
The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) today announced the launch of its new post-trade model for trades made on LuxSE’s markets.

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AML/CFT: The ABBL, the CRF and the CSSF sign a public-private partnership
To further strengthen their collaboration in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, the ABBL, the CRF and the CSSF have signed a Public Private Partnership.

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Budget 2023 : vraiment responsable, réaliste et solidaire ?
Qualifié de responsable, réaliste et solidaire, le budget 2023 l’est-il vraiment ?

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Hubfinance: la plateforme B2B de mise en relation dédiée aux partenaires du secteur financier pour mettre fin au cold calling
Avec un service novateur de valorisation et mise en relation ciblant l’ensemble des acteurs en finance et gestion de patrimoine, Hubfinance.com a référencé 60.000 entreprises et conquis près de 700 partenaires en 6 mois.

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Results of the 15th ABBL/CSSF Private Banking Survey
Facing an increasingly complex environment, the ABBL Private Banking Group Luxembourg (PBGL) and KPMG Luxembourg have come together to compile the results of its annual Private Banking Survey for 2021.

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CATAPULT: Inclusion Africa 2022
Building on the success of the previous editions of CATAPULT: Inclusion Africa since 2018, the LHoFT is excited to announce the 15 selected startups that will participate in the fifth edition of this unique program for Fintech startup development.

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Farvest aligns the planets with its new website!
The new website includes news from 6 targeted communities of professionals, giving the opportunity to follow news by sector or through cross-sector tags.

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Luxembourg for Finance - Livestream session: FOCUS ON SKILLS
As the search for talent in the finance industry has become fiercer, we bring together experts from across financial services to discuss the new level playing field for attracting and developing talent.

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