Farvest IT - Newsletter - November 2, 2022 | web version
Artem Yukhin: "Artec 3D is a success story that can inspire other companies to settle in Luxembourg"
Artec 3D has built a real success story in Luxembourg and, on top, advocates strong social values through their support to Ukraine. Its CEO Artem Yukhin developed further on these topics hereafter. 

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"The bird is freed": Elon Musk now owns Twitter
After a never-ending story regarding the Twitter deal, Elon Musk is now the official owner of the social media platform. 

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The Interpol Metaverse was launched, and is already operational
During the 90th Interpol General Assembly, the police organization officially launched its Metaverse, specifically designed for law enforcement worldwide.

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Phishing : les pirates se font le plus souvent passer pour DHL
Check Point Research publie un rapport sur le phishing des marques au troisième trimestre, qui met en lumière les principales marques que les pirates informatiques ont imitées pour tenter d'inciter les gens à communiquer leurs données personnelles.

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Dell dévoile la nouvelle tablette Latitude Rugged Extreme
Dell propose des produits Latitude Rugged pour que les professionnels puissent vivre une expérience optimale où qu’ils se trouvent, que ce soit sur un site industriel, dans le désert ou dans les régions polaires.

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Des formations ArchiMate and IREB chez OXiane
L'institut de formation luxembourgeois oxiane nous partage ses prochaines formations à venir.

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Luxembourg Internet Days 2022
Network & Operational Technology’ Security and Resilience, and fight against evolving (D)DoS Challenges will be treated with the pragmatic and technical angle that makes the event’s success.

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IT One Gala 2022
IT One Gala annually gathers the IT Community for an enriching networking cocktail, a unique conference, a prestigious Gala Dinner and a great after-party!

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Open Hybrid Cloud day Luxembourg by Red Hat
With an open and flexible hybrid cloud platform, you can be ready for anything. A successful digital transformation requires a focus on enterprise architecture.

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