Farvest Human Ressources - Newsletter - December 8, 2022 | web version
EU Cohesion Policy: more than €67 million for Luxembourg
In 2021-2027, Luxembourg will benefit from €67 million in Cohesion Policy funding to accelerate the country's green transition, finance innovation and digitisation, increase the employment rate and improve local social services. The strategy and details for these investments are set out in the Partnership Agreement just adopted between Luxembourg and the Commission.

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IMD World Talent Ranking 2022
Selon le dernier World Talent Ranking (WTR) de l'agence IMB, la Suisse reste, pour la sixième année consécutive, à la tête du classement des 63 économies leaders en matière d'attraction et de rétention des talents. Mais qu'en est-il du Luxembourg ?

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Changing finance to catalyze transformation - Part II
During this new edition of the European Finance Summit, seasoned experts from all over Europe delivered inspiring speeches on the natural yet challenging step finance is taking towards innovation.

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Top 10 Strategic Predictions for 2023 and Beyond
Is your organization ready to turn uncertainty into opportunity? These predictions help you (re)imagine what your organization might need to prepare for.

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3 Ways to Set Effective Performance Goals
Effective performance management depends on effective goal setting. Set the right tone for the year ahead with goals that drive business results and enable employees to be successful.

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