07.06.2022 IT AI Farvest Decrypt

Tesla to reveal its humanoid robot this year?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the second AI Day would be postponed from August 19th to September 30th. The reason is simple: he wants to keep himself one more month to “have an Optimus prototype working by then” (source: Twitter). But what is exactly Optimus?

Last-year Tesla AI Day was the occasion for Tesla to present the upcoming developments regarding its autonomous electric vehicles. Musk explained that these innovations can serve as a basis for other projects such as robotics. This explains the project to create the first humanoid robot, aka Optimus. The latter, initially named “Tesla Bot”, would help humans in everyday life, and eventually would prevent humans from ever working again.

As unrealistic as it may sound, Musk seems to have a clear idea of the society upgrades he wants to implement. In fact, this robot would aim to “eliminate unsafe, repetitive, boring tasks” reads the Tesla website. Optimus measures 5’8” (1m72) and weighs 125 lbs (57 kg), and would be able to carry 20 kg on long distances, and deadlift up to 68 kg charges. Hence, the humanoid bi-ped is to be helpful when it comes to carrying heavy items; and thus take over humans in different professional sectors.

Nevertheless, its speed would not exceed 5mph (8 km/h). This particularity is voluntary so the robot does not represent any danger to humans. The main objective is for Optimus to assist humans, be it in personal or professional settings. In the long term, Musk would also like to enable its robots to develop a unique personality, similarly to humans.

It is to note that Musk announced in early 2022 that Optimus production would start in 2023. Therefore, it would be a world premiere in the robotic sector if Optimus is operational for the next Tesla AI Day. Let’s find out the verdict on September 30…