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The essentials: Job searching

Job searching by Korn Ferry

There were about 40 million instances of Americans quitting in 2021 (some quit more than once), but there are likely hundreds of millions more who thought about looking for new work. Historically low unemployment, rising wages, companies at least making noises about improving career development and corporate culture, what’s not to like?

But while the market is indeed great for workers, they can’t just waltz in and get their dream jobs. The second year of the pandemic brought challenging questions to answer during job interviews and new strategies for landing a great role. In this series of articles, Korn Ferry’s career coaches and search professionals highlight the ways workers at any level can find new meaningful work during the Great Resignation and beyond.

New Job Offer? 5 Red Flags

The job offer has come in, but everything from the salary offer to the manager’s attitude worries you. Our experts weigh in.

5 Tough Job Interview Questions Answered

Be prepared when the recruiter asks, “Why do you want to leave your current job?” and other questions designed to separate great candidates from everyone else.

7 First-Impression-Destroying Mistakes During a Job Interview

Even in a hot job market, these sloppy slipups can kill your prospects, says Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison.

5 Ways to Follow Up After a Job Interview

How candidates can be proactive, no matter how long it takes an employer to respond.

5 Tips for Launching a Second Career

Millions of workers are quitting their jobs. If you’re considering a new career, take these steps.

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