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The essentials: Leadership in 2022

Leadership in 2022 by Korn Ferry

At least there weren’t mass lockdowns in 2021. But the second year of the pandemic posed its own set of challenges: inflation, multiple COVID-19 variants, critical shortages of supplies, delayed return-to-office dates, debates over vaccine mandates, and the most significant exodus of employees ever. Plus, there’s growing evidence that all this is taking a toll on the physical and mental health of leaders and their employees.

It’s not going away, either. There are all those non-pandemic problems to deal with, such as leaves, technological disruptions, intense competition, development of top talent, and a growing demand from stakeholders for the private sector to combat climate change. Korn Ferry experts ask, “Is there a better way to lead?”

Welcome to Whiplash Leadership

After several pandemic waves and multiple new variants, experts worry that employees won’t believe leadership pronouncements.

The C-Suite Horse Race: The Best Roles for Becoming CEOs

In the post-pandemic era, firms are elevating more CMOs, CTOs, and CHROs to the top spot. Is the feeder system adjusting?

The Cost of Doing Business

The top job exacts a pricey personal toll. Is there a better way?

Hiring, Buying Your ‘Second’ Choice

As scarcity grips the markets, executives are learning to get comfortable with their second, third, and—dare we say it?—fourth choices.

Great Managers Have These 4 Skills

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison explains the traits that consistently get people ahead.

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