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The European Commission signed a declaration to guide digital transformation

European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles

During yesterday’s European Council, EP President Metsola, EC President von der Leyen and Czech Prime Minister Fiala signed a joint declaration to promote a digital transition based on EU values: the European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles. 

The European Commission (EC) announced last January its will to push further actions regarding digital transformation within the European Union (EU), hence the establishment of rights and principles. 

The draft of such rules and guidelines enable the clarification of the digital transformation that the EC stands for and promotes – across both the EU and the world. The European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles aims further to provide a reliable guide for policy makers and companies when dealing with new technologies. 


We want to make Europe fit for the digital age. This declaration puts our citizens at the heart of the digital transition and makes sure that our values also apply in the digital sphere – European Parliament President Roberta Metsola


Besides, the declaration should also accompany people in the EU everywhere, thanks to for instance: affordable and high-speed digital connectivity everywhere and for everybody; obtaining easy-to-understand information on the environmental impact of our digital products; controlling how their personal data are used and with whom they are shared. 

Therefore, with the Declaration on digital rights and principles, the EU wants to secure European values by:

  • Putting people at the center of the digital transformation
  • Supporting solidarity and inclusion through connectivity, digital education, training and skills, fair and just working conditions and access to digital public services
  • Restating the importance of freedom of choice and a fair digital environment
  • Fostering participation in the digital public space
  • Increasing safety, security and empowerment in the digital environment, in particular for young people
  • Promoting sustainability

The European digital rights and principles, endorsed with this declaration, will complement existing rights, such as data protection, ePrivacy, and the Charter of Fundamental Rights. This echoes EC Director-General for Informatics (DG DIGIT) Veronica Gaffey keynote speechduring the IT One Gala – on the coming evolution of digital challenges and how legislation will help overcome them and serve innovation. 

The European Commission is leading a great digital transformation and supports organizations in succeeding with their projects in a world where people use digital to connect, learn, buy, live their lives.