The Exploration Company and Axiom Space join forces to send the first European capsule aboard

Writer Samira Joineau
agreement between the exploration company and axiom space nyx space capsule
© The Exploration Company

In a remarkable leap for European space exploration, The Exploration Company and Axiom Space have signed a cargo services pre-booking agreement. The latter is set to propel the first European-made space capsule, called ‘Nyx’, to the stars.

As we venture into an era where private and public players are aiming for space exploration, the demand for affordable, reliable and eco-friendly space transportation is skyrocketing. The reusable space capsule ‘Nyx’ developed by The Exploration Company,a leading EU commercial space company, is poised to revolutionize space logistics – making it more accessible than ever before

“We believe this effort symbolizes what can be achieved when the U.S. and Europe work together to continue research in microgravity and the development of breakthrough innovations to build a global space economy in low-Earth orbit” – Matt Ondler, Chief Technology Officer (Axion Space)

What makes this capsule stand out is its commitment to sustainability. Powered by eco-friendly propellants, Nyx is not only a technological advancement but also a considerable push towards the adoption of more responsible industry practices. 

“We could not be prouder to be the first European space capsule manufacturer and operator to enter into an agreement for cargo services with a future space station operator. We are thankful for the trust that Axiom Space has in our technology, and we cannot wait to fly Nyx to their space station and beyond” – Hélène Huby, CEO & Co-Founder (The Exploration Company)

The agreement between The Exploration Company and Axiom Space will come into effect once both parties achieve specific technical milestones required to execute space missions. This exciting development not only cements Europe’s growing presence in the commercial space race, but also underscores the power of international cooperation in the new frontier of space.