06.07.2022 Healthcare Expert Luxembourg

The healthcare industry rewarded during a unique Luxembourg Gala Dinner

After a two-year absence, the Luxembourg Healthcare Awards made a great comeback last Friday. The official ceremony welcomed the very first Luxembourg Healthcare Gala Dinner edition, occurring in LuxExpo the Box (Kirchberg), in attendance of a hundred healthcare professionals.

After another year impacted by Covid, Farvest was particularly keen to assemble 100+ healthcare professionals to launch the Luxembourg Healthcare Gala Dinner. The agency took this opportunity to pay tribute to their unwavering commitment and reward all the solutions developed throughout the year.

The Luxembourg Healthcare Gala Dinner & the Luxembourg Healthcare Awards

The Luxembourg Healthcare Gala Dinner gathered seasoned healthcare specialists and Government members around a delightful reception, during which Farvest was pleased to grant the following awards:

  • Advanced Healthcare Solution Award to B Medical Systems, for its ultra-low temperature freezers, allowing the safe storage of vaccines and samples from all over the world;

  • Patient Experience Award – supported by KPMG Luxembourg – to Direction de la santé, for its weekly multilingual Facebook Live session, “Froen un d’Santé”, broadcasted on the Ministry of Health account, addressing Covid-related issues;

  • Healthcare Facilities of the Year Award to B Medical Systems, for its refrigerators and freezers, meeting the necessary requirements for storing vaccines that are highly sensitive to temperature changes;

  • Digital Transformation in Healthcare Award to NTT Luxembourg, for its platform (jointly developed with Robert Schuman Hospitals), which enables different services and IOT health devices to exchange sensitive data in real time, in a fully secure and reliable way;

  • Outstanding Contribution to the Healthcare Sector Award – supported by Hospilux – to B Medical Systems, for the first-ever refrigerated vaccine transport vehicle in the world (jointly developed with Toyota Tsusho Corporation) to obtain a PQS (Performance, Quality, Safety) pre-qualification from the World Health Organization (WHO);

  • Healthcare Startup of the Year Award to VoiceMed, for its high-quality applications and technologies, including voice biomarkers;

  • Inspirational Healthcare Personality of the Year Award to Madame la Vice-Premier Ministre et Ministre de la Santé, Paulette Lenert, for her Covid-related crisis response and her decision taking in this challenging situation.


An evening dedicated to the acknowledgement of every actor who contributed to the emergence of new healthcare solutions, for an ever more personalized, predictive and preventive medicine.

Credits: Dominique Gaul