The Luxembourg HR Awards’ winners finally revealed!

Writer Laura Campan

Casino 2000 (Mondorf-les-Bains) was in full swing yesterday for the 20th anniversary of the HR One Gala.

After attending an inspiring keynote speech from renowned Turkish author Metin Hara, a lively debate on the Quiet Quitting phenomenon and the genesis of the gala, the whole HR community enjoyed an exclusive awards’ ceremony presented by Ibexa Partner Director Benelux Koen van Dillen.

Yesterday, the HR One Gala gathered 400 professionals for its iconic new edition. 

Farvest Managing Directors Charlotte Boutelier and Margaux Vetzel started the ball rolling with an analogy between the renowned song from Swedish Peter von Poehl, “the story of the impossible”, open to interpretation, and the importance of letting yourself be guided by your emotions. 

“This is what this event is all about: enjoy the magic of the moment. Tonight, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this gala but above all, the anniversary of dedicated people who have built HR history in Luxembourg over the past 20 years.”

This new edition was indeed a fantastic opportunity to spur the efforts and dedication of the whole HR community in Luxembourg, and reward the best solutions on the market. 

  • Zortify was named as the Rising HR Tech of the Year for improving HRs’ decision-making and employee experience through an application using natural language processing ;
  • DO Recruitment was named as the Recruitment Agency of the Year for always putting humans first and launching the Federation for Recruitment, Search and Selection, to promote a more ethical and transparent view of the industry and of Luxembourg as a whole ;
  • Talogy Partner in Talent Management Céline Martin gave the Learning and Development Award to Cap4 Lab, for opening the job market to atypical candidates – including refugees, unemployed people or people looking for their first job without a diploma – and promoting mentoring through a specific sponsorship program ;
  • Korn Ferry Account Manager Clémence Defuster gave the HR Digital Partner Award to Workday for bringing together financial and HCM data on a single platform, for even more agility ;
  • Banque Raiffeisen won the People Experience of the Year Award, following the launching of its Quality Time program in 2022, which grants one day of free time per month to employees, to further promote work-life balance ;
  • National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (INDR) Director Jean-Paul Olinger gave the CSR Initiative Award to Devoteam, for supporting their customers in building a sustainable change and adoption strategy, as well as NGOs with Call for Projects, Pro-bono work and tech labs ;
  • Canon Team Leader Loredana Prete gave the Onboarding Experience Award to Devoteam, for creating a one-year onboarding programme for new joiners to fit into the ‘Devoteamverse” through an immersive experience at first and various meetings, videos and games then ; 
  • Securex Managing Director Pascal Cieslewicz gave the Best Health and Well-being Strategy Award to KPMG for implementing several actions to improve work-life balance, such as flexible offices, healthcare programme, internal activities to foster wellbeing ; 
  • Edenred Senior Account Manager Belux Jean-François Hubert gave the Icebreaker Award to CFL for building a participative corporate culture through training sessions and lively games so employees could easily get to know their company and colleagues, as well as develop new skills ;
  • Prolingua Co-CEO Naouelle Tir gave the HR Manager Award to Geraldine Hassler from KPMG, for contributing in restoring the entrepreneurial spirit through learning & development programs, hackathons and a listening culture. 

After revealing the name of this new edition’s winners, we could not think of a better way to continue the evening than with a unique after-party to stir hearts and minds – sponsored by Talogy and adVeci.