The new season of #PwCTechTalk, ICT Spring special, is out!

Writer Laura Campan

During this new ICT Spring edition, PwC Luxembourg recorded the ninth season of its Tech Talk on sustainability. Undoubtedly the perfect opportunity for journalists Carla Santos and Armin Prljaca to further discuss the role of technology in global sustainability efforts with a superb lineup of guests.

The One on Tech for Sustainability with ArcelorMittal

To kick off this new series of podcasts, PwC Luxembourg welcomed Jean-Paul Lorrain, Head of environment, CO2 and CAPEX at ArcelorMittal, to understand what sustainability means to him and what ArcelorMittal is doing to support sustainable development and climate action.

The One on Tech for Sustainability with MetaBank

In this second episode, PwC Luxembourg welcomed Hao Wang, Chief Operations Officer at MetaBank, to better understand how leading-edge companies like MetaBank can contribute to create a more sustainable future thanks to innovative tech.

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