08.11.2022 IT Event Luxembourg Tech

The running candidates for Luxembourg ICT Awards finally revealed

IT One Gala - Awards

The IT One Gala returns for a 16th edition on November 16, at Luxexpo The Box! The event comprises an award ceremony, the Luxembourg ICT Awards – fostering multiple categories and rewarding local IT professionals.

For 15 years, the IT One Gala has been promoting the best practices and best solutions provided on the market, while fostering emulation among the country’s professionals. This year, during the emblematic Luxembourg ICT Awards ceremony, a jury panel will reward a running candidate from each of the 9 categories, after screening and grading all the applications – including a feedback.

While waiting for the final results, discover the 9 categories with their respective participants:

  • CIO of the Year, which rewards an outstanding ICT leader that, thanks to his vision, strategic skills and management/leadership qualities, contributed to the performance of its company while meeting the stakeholders’ needs.

– BGL BNP CIO Wealth Management Arnaud Clément: “It is an exciting time to be a CIO, as IT turns into a key business asset supporting its development strategy

– Lux Airport IT Director Vincent Booz: “There are not many other areas that evolve as quickly as IT does, other big challenges are in front of us but with motivation, sharing of vision and with the help of talented IT specialists complementing their strengths, and capable to manage multiple roles, I am confident for the future

– NSPA CIO Sergio Coronado: “Lead by example (sounds cliché, but it’s the only way), not only as a good strategist, manager and engineer, but also by supporting, coaching and listening closely to my entire team

– Husky Injection Molding Systems Jean-Christophe Witz: “People at the heart of Digital Transformations, how an evolving dynamic environment and technology is creating challenges and what activities is required to countermeasure these

  • ICT Business Partner of the Year, which rewards an ICT provider that lead and successfully implemented development, software and/or hardware integration, or infrastructures projects, bringing real added-value to its clients

– Telindus Marketing & Communication Officer Amandine Gulyas: “Bâloise Luxembourg has renewed its entire ICT infrastructure by relying on Telindus’ services

– F24 Luxembourg Sales Manager Fabien Bénéteau: “Foyer Assurances reached out to F24 in May 2022 to get ready for diverse scenarios that would threaten their daily business procedures

– Masao Country Business Manager Justine Verheggen: “Masao is the specialist in digital transformation of customer relations, meeting the specific needs of business applications using Microsoft technologies

– LuxProvide Head of Supercomputing & Data Solutions Matthieu Lefebvre: “Customers of LuxProvide’s HPC & AI solutions see a significant decrease in their time to market, are able to tackle larger problems, and save costs

  • Telecom Innovation of the Year, which rewards a local telecom provider that develops and provides a telecom innovation which will contribute to revolutionizing the way companies leverage communications (Edge Computing, 5G, User-Friendly API…).

– Telindus Marketing & Communication Officer Amandine Gulyas: “In order to enable secure, controlled and reliable sharing of critical business information, Telindus has connected Luxembourg to the global SCiON network for the first time

– POST Telecom Marketing Officer Marion Cuisinier: “POST deployed a tailor-made solution for Waldbillig based on 5G to digitalize the municipality

– Econocom Directeur PSF Jean-Pierre Servais: “In close collaboration with Econocom PSF, Fuchs Sports has devised a tool that allows clubs to digitally transform, professionalize and monetize their content. The icing on the cake, the public accesses matches remotely when they cannot move

  • Most Innovative ICT Training Programme, which rewards a training programme or initiative aiming at schooling actors of the ICT sector, both in terms of hard skills and/or soft skills

– Aumint.io CEO Eran Goldman-Malka: “Trident by Aumint can simulate any attack, even real-life, Not just phishing, and build a personalized learning path for each employee

– Elgon CEO Ludovic Gilles: “We value certifications in order to achieve a dual objective: to ensure the development of our people and to deliver even more quality to our clients

– Devoteam Training Manager Vanessa Mameri: “Thanks to our strong partnership with all the worldwide Cloud game changers, Devoteam, as a learning company, launched a new academy called “Your Journey to the Cloud

– Orsys Training Center Manager Julie Simier: “ORSYS initiated hypnotherapy to reach the objectives and give the participants life-longing tricks and tools towards any stressful situation

– OXiane Luxembourg Managing Director Nathalie Thielemans: “We put in place our Live Virtual Class solution and confirmed all our courses distantly. Nowadays, we are still using the same infrastructure to carry on with remote courses and mixt sessions

  • Best Use of AI & Data, which rewards a company that ingeniously and efficiently used artificial intelligence and/or data to conduct an ICT project or implement new processes or tools.

– Aumint.io CEO Eran Goldman-Malka

– DataThings Business Development Manager Franck-Alexandre Sallebant-Bessone: “Powered by DataThings’ unique geo-temporal graph database & AI platform named Greycat, Alva continuously learns from a complex system composed of millions of grid assets that generate over 45 billion data points per year and profiles 350.000 grid clients every day

– SnT-University of Luxembourg Communication Team Leader Silvia Callegari: “LuxemBERT covers fresh ground of the AI research community. The project, also supported by the Luxembourg Research Fund and the Fondation Weicker, allowed the researchers to develop a language model that would ‘understand’ Luxembourgish

– Spuerkeess Deputy Head of Business Unit Digitalisation Christophe Medinger: “After an in-house Hackathon, one of the main winning ideas was a project around the tedious process of tax declaration. An application where data analysis processes and AI are used to provide an important service to our customers

– PwC Luxembourg Data & AI Leader Thierry Kremser and European Parliament Head of Unit Ludovic Delépine: “PwC and the Parliament launched the Archives Unit Dashboard, a web-based solution that gathers more than 450,000 digitised documents from the years 1952 to 1979

– WEO SAS Head of Development Frankwin van Winsen: “Our data processing pipeline allows us to produce 10m x 10m resolution landcover maps using open-source satellite data

– NTT Luxembourg Marketing Director Marta Duponselle: “The digital platform for the TT Race Management and Timing system was designed and implemented by a team in Luxembourg

  • Digital Transformation Project of the Year, which rewards a digital transformation project that cleverly leveraged technology to improve a company’s performance, and contribute to the enhancement of customer and/or employee experience.

– Advanzia Chief Digital Officer Linda Früh: “The bank’s recently launched scalable cloud-native digital banking platform offers centralised customer interactions and business operations with unified frontend touchpoints tailored to the needs of its customers in all markets, segments and brand worlds of the bank

– Telindus Marketing & Communication Officer Amandine Gulyas

– COMO Global CEO Angela Nickel: “Businesses no longer need numerous 1:1 separate integration, rather they can partner with COMO for all embedded finance needs of their customers

– Vodafone Procurement Company Digital SCM Manager Bilal Ullah: “VPC is supporting Vodafone’s transition from a ‘Telco to a TechCom Company’ by creating innovative and intelligent solutions both for our employees and for our Partners and Vendors to deliver value and attract new opportunities

– PwC Luxembourg Technology Partner Patrice Witz & Spuerkeess Senior Vice President Head of Innovation and Project Managemen Roger Krämer: “Spuerkeess and PwC worked closely to define, launch and execute the Bank’s digital transformation journey

– Centre des Technologies de l’Information Communication Officer Danièle Thielen: “For the realisation of the pilot project in the context of the digitalisation of student loans, the 3 public actors, i.e. the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR), the Ministry for Digitalisation and the Government IT Centre (CTIE), have joined forces with Spuerkeess

– Finologee Senior Communications & Brand Manager Victoria Döringer: “Swiss Life Global Solutions, a leading life insurance player, decided to leverage KYC Manager, a Software-as-a-Service platform for digital customer lifecycle management operated by Luxembourg’s RegTech specialist Finologee

– Econocom Directeur PSF Jean-Pierre Servais

  • Young ICT Revelation Company of the Year, which rewards a company, created less than 5 years ago, whose primary technology aims to help established IT systems improve their operations and/or functionality – or to flat out disrupt them.

– Aumint.io CEO Eran Goldman-Malka

– Rsecure CEO Luc Cottin: “Globally, the maturity strategy to respond to cyber risks is based on a strategy recently developed by Rcarré and Rsecure, the H.O.P. methodology

Squaremiled IT Architect/CEO Julien Revelant: “Squaremiled provides customized expertise for your Digital Transformation worked hand and hand with you, as a business partner, with our teams of talented experts

– RooMate Head of Marketing Mikael Da Silva: “RoomMate is a Luxembourg company established in 2019 and a client-centric Proptech with two scalable platforms that digitises and automate the processes for mid-to-long-term rental management, with an app for tenants and a SAAS platform for landlords

  • ICT Outsourcing Services Provider of the Year, which rewards a company providing an on-demand tech environment – Cloud, Managed Services, BPO… – in order to unburden its clients of some tasks and functions.

– Telindus Marketing & Communication Officer Amandine Gulyas

– Rcarré CEO Jean-Guy Roche: “Rcarré has created a new entity, Rsecure, which aims to provide cybersecurity governance and regulatory support

– Kyndryl Marketing & Communications Leader Maureen Soenen: “Kyndryl is the Heart of Progress for its clients and continues to develop advanced delivery capabilities to accelerate and ensure the highest predictability for business transformations

– Squaremiled IT Architect/CEO Julien Revelant

– Finologee Senior Communications & Brand Manager Victoria Döringer: “In 2021-2022, the Luxembourg FinTech/RegTech specialist Finologee has launched the next generation of its market-leading compliant outsourcing framework for financial technology platforms, deploying additional product lines, onboarding many new clients and increasing revenues by 49% YoY

– NTT Luxembourg Marketing Director Marta Duponselle: “ServiceNow, a leading cloud-based platform, is the foundation of the new service desk capability and will be accessible to Alter Domus employees in Europe and Asia Pacific, providing them with access to a full IT support portfolio

– Econocom Directeur PSF Jean-Pierre Servais

  • Inspirational ICT Personality of the Year, which rewards an ICT personality for her/his entire career, her/his achievements, the lessons learned and her/his efforts to inspire and share with her/his peers and future generations.
    This award do not require the submission of an application form; the winner is designated by the jury

Visit the IT One Gala website for more info on the awards, the tickets and more.