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Trade in your own style

Writer Laura Campan

Rising inflation and the threat of global recession have been worrying both budding and seasoned investors. Some wonder if they should take the plunge in a downturn while others are trying to time the market.  

The thing is, no-one can know for sure what the markets are going to do – especially since the onset of the pandemic. Therefore, instead of falling into emotional investing, you should keep your cool and see your trading journey as a medium to long-term commitment. Because the longer you invest, the greater your potential for making profit. 

“Starting early and regularly investing what you can usually leads to better outcomes than waiting.” Jeremy Lauret, Head of Direct Investing at Swissquote Bank Europe. 

One way to make the ride less bumpy is to diversify your portfolio so that losses from one investment could be offset by gains from another. As the saying goes, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. But how? 

Lifestyle is very personal. Everyone has different needs, aspirations, and timeframes. Before starting or changing your investment journey, you should first identify which investment goals are most suited to you – is it for retirement, for a down payment on property, or for your children’s university education? Second, you must choose the right broker – one who is constantly evolving and adapting to your needs. 

With its new brand campaign “Trade in your own style”, Swissquote aims to match your lifestyle, objectives and trade experience with the right mix of trading products*. Combining creativity with an educational approach, the campaign identifies several different trading profiles:

  • Traditional: You’re not really the “primal survivor” type. You prefer the reassurance of being on solid ground with a level head. Trading can be unpredictable, but there are also tried and tested formulas out there. Make your money grow – boldly yet safely.
  • Bold: You know how to handle stress. Humdrum routines bore you rigid. You’re the sort of person who’d agree to climb Nanga Parbat with no Sherpa. Well, almost. Basically, you know that to win, you need to take risks. And you love that challenge.
  • Diversified: We all know the saying: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You’re a dab hand at keeping multiple plates spinning and you love mixing things up. You’re curious, bold and shrewd. A multi-asset approach to trading could be for you.
  • Comfortable: You know your own comfort zone and have good reason to stay there. And no, it’s not about the pipe and slippers; it’s about being pragmatic. It’s perfectly possible to trade without having your eyes glued to the markets 24/7. Discover products that will deliver the goods without bringing you out in a sweat.
  • On trend: You have a visionary talent for identifying future opportunities. You know how to observe the world to uncover possibilities, and sniff out the sectors that are going to shape our future. We don’t necessarily recommend becoming a fortune teller. But perhaps predictive trading could be your thing…
  • High tech: You’re staring at your screen with a slice of pizza in one hand and your glasses held together with a paperclip… Okay, so you don’t (entirely) conform to this cliché, but you know your way around the tech world.

So, what’s your style? 

*Please note that all investments carry a degree of risk, and the value of investments may go down as well as up. Any information provided is solely to enable the Client to make their own investment decisions and does not constitute personal investment recommendations or financial advice.