Véronique Ziliotto appointed Chief Product Officer at kodehyve

Writer Samira Joineau
véronique ziliotto kodehyve
© kodehyve

Formerly Head of Product, Véronique Ziliotto now holds the position of Chief Product Officer at kodehyve.

Véronique is a 10-year veteran at Amazon with a two-year stint at AWS. It is to note that she has seasoned experience in building innovative products, and leading international product teams in various sectors, from e-commerce to aerospace, supply chain, and also cloud computing. 

“I was always drawn to the startup ecosystem in Luxembourg. When Felix and Julien (kodehyve founders) offered to join the adventure at kodehyve, the product role has to be built from scratch” – Véronique Ziliotto, Chief Product Officer (kodehyve)

It was in mid-2022 that Véronique joined kodehyve as Head of Product, before being recently promoted to Chief Product Officer. Véronique owns and leads the product vision and whole roadmap. She applied her robust product expertise and customer-oriented methodology so as to ensure product alignment with the company vision and customer adoption. Véronique

“Joining a fast growing startup means that there is a lot of freedom to build and to experiment: new product features, new ways to collaborate with customers, and much more” – Véronique Ziliotto

Véronique’s role will be essential, as kodehyve is now evolving towards a set of services designed for each phase of real estate development, from feasibility studies to construction and commercialization phases – mainly focusing on CRM-related and project management-related features. The company’s vision being “to provide these services as a complete ecosystem or as independent modules that users can access in kodehyve OS or through SDKs (software development kits)”.