17.02.2022 IT Digital Luxembourg Trends

xuppi.com: A social platform that makes e-commerce entertaining

Xuppi, a sales enabling platform wherein the seller/brands engage with the buyers through Live Streaming, Audio Visual Content, and Interactive Conversation leading to on-the-spot sales, has been launched to disrupt the traditional online retail space.

Through this interactive e-commerce platform, sellers can partner with verified influencers and live streamers to reach out to their fanbase in a social way by creating content around the products and labels converging into on-the-spot sales.

Brands get an opportunity to collaborate with verified creators who can showcase their products & promote them on social media as well as on xuppi.com. With automated payouts in more than 44 currencies, a brand can now sell hassle-free on xuppi.com.

50% + of Gen Z & Millennials Trust influencers on social media for advice about products or brands. 82% trust their friends and family over any other influence.

Speaking on the launch of the platform, Mr Pankaj Chadha, Co-founder of Xuppi, said, “We have developed Xuppi as a discovery platform where the seller can showcase their product to the buyer resulting in demand creation. Xuppi is E-commerce 2.0, wherein we progress from need-based buying to want and impulse driven shopping. Xuppi uniquely combines the power of live shopping and video streaming, using advanced features like live chat and enables a buyer to complete the transaction on the same screen, without having to switch between platforms. We also help sellers do a multi-host live with influencers wherein the influencers can invite their fanbase to see sellers range of products, ask questions and make informed purchase decisions. We are a community-based platform wherein the buyers interact and engage with seller in a unique way.”

Xuppi.com has been founded by Anshul Gupta & Pankaj Chadha. With the team spread out between Luxembourg, UK & India, xuppi.com is now a 70-member team, on track to grow & expand in European markets. Xuppi.com will now start onboarding sellers & creators in the region of Be-Ne-Lux for 2022 & UK for 2023.

Xuppi believes that this form of retail will be a game changer for sellers and influencers to collaborate in a more direct outcome-oriented format basis sales and content interactions with consumers. It completely moves away from search-based index listing and instigates impulse buying which so far has been the main gap between online and offline retail models.

Xuppi enbales small medium businesses to sell online within a couple of minutes taking care of end-to-end shipping. All creators & brands are KYC verified adding trust to the ecosystem.

Source: xuppi.com